I’m Margaret (Margriet for the Dutch) van Weperen. I’m a lover of – and an employee in – the entertainment industry, also called ‘showbiz’ (or ‘showbizz’ in Dutch). Thus making me a true showbizz woman.

I love working in the entertainment. It’s not just the glitz and glam (although I can honestly say that I do love that aspect too), but it’s the excitement of creating a new creative product that the audience will hopefully enjoy. In that sense, I completely agree with Walt Disney: we are there to entertain the audience and I love nothing more than seeing the joy on the visitor as they leave the cinema, theater or event.

At age 15, I realised what I wanted to do with my life. Work in the entertainment industry. Preferably as an executive producer, creating my own products. In the Netherlands, there was one big person who was like a symbol of the entertainment industry: Joop van den Ende, founder of Stage Entertainment. So if you asked me a few years ago what I wanted to become? The ‘Jopina’ van den Ende, his successor, of course! A joke that followed me around for a long time.

Now, more than a decade later, I still love to work in the field. But no longer do I want to become ‘Jopina’: I want to become my own person with my own ideas and my own vision. I want to know as much as possible about the entertainment field and work in it as an (executive) producer or general manager. On an international basis. With the future dream to create my own productions with my own company.

So I started this blog. To share my experiences. To learn more. To develop further. To help others.

If you have any questions about the field or have ideas for a blog, make sure to contact me. If you think I’m suitable for your company or want to meet up for coffee? Let me know!

You can find my complete work experience on my LinkedIn.

Picture of Margaret by Stella Dekker
Copyright: Stella Dekker