The Film Industry

Explosions, green screen, crews of hundreds. The film industry is enormous and behind the screens, it’s often organized chaos. If you want to know more about what happens behind the scenes up to the point that movies comes out in the cinema or Netflix, you’re at the right place.

The blogs below are all based on the film industry and how movies come into existence. Learn about the production: from auditions to filming and post-production. My main focus and experience are in the producing area as a producer, but other aspects may come by as well.

Every blog here I wrote from experience and (academic) research. I do adequate research before writing anything, so you know what you read is true.

Keep in mind however that the film industry is not the same all over the world. For instance, in continental Europa collaborations between countries are often stimulated with subsidies, where American companies may collaborate for better revenue. Each country has its own methods and traditions. While I try to involve the differences, it’s impossible to account for all of them. My main focus will be on the UK, USA and a bit of the Netherlands.

If you feel there is some topic that you miss or would like to know more about, feel free to let me know!


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