Alright, showbizz in general. ‘There’s no business like show business’: everybody knows the saying. But what is the show business exactly?

The industry is so broad, so big, so bombastic. And everyone uses it differently. Some will use showbizz to talk about Hollywood. Some will use showbizz to describe a circus performance. Or maybe we should use the synonym: entertainment business?

I like to focus on three different genres within showbizz, namely: tv, film and musical theatre. But some subjects need a broader perspective. Honestly, just a blog about ‘what is showbizz?’ is a good example.

So on this page, you will find all the blogs that are showbizz in general. Not just for one genre, but that applies for the entire field. It can be an analysis of a situation or it can advise on how to produce something.

If you feel there is a topic that you miss or would like to know more about, feel free to let me know!

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